May 25, 2024

How to Buy Video Games with Crypto?

It turned into handiest be counted of time earlier than crypto gambling and gaming observed every different. If you’re a gamer and crypto enthusiast, we’ve written this manual on how to shop for video games with Bitcoin and crypto particularly for you. Whether you’re a diehard PC gamer, PlayStation and Xbox console gourmet or simply into it all, here’s a way to use your crypto for gaming.

How to Use Crypto for Gaming?

If you need to shop for video video games with Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency, you’ll usually have 3 clean approaches to do it:

  • Load the BitPay Card with crypto; use it like a debit card for your favorite gaming structures.
  • Buy gaming present playing cards with crypto, immediately redeem and use from the BitPay app or Extension.
  • You can also Paying immediately out of your crypto pockets with a chosen quantity of gaming corporations that are given crypto bills.

The BitPay Card: A Prepaid Crypto Card for Gamers

Using the BitPay Card is the maximum bendy manner to shop for video games with crypto gambling. Instantly convert crypto into coins to apply it throughout all your favorite structures and consoles.

Buy Gift Cards with Crypto

Buy gaming present playing cards with crypto withinside the BitPay app or Extension. Buy present playing cards to your favorite gaming assets like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, GameStop, WalMart, Twitch, Microsoft and greater.

Game Straight from Your Crypto Wallet

chosen quantity of gaming corporations is given Bitcoin and different Crypto currencies bills immediately out of your pockets. Popular structures consist of Twitch, Blocklete video games, Microsoft, Games planet, Play Asia and greater.

Use Crypto to Pay for PC Games and Platform Access

PC game enthusiasts can use crypto to pay for his or her video games from famous structures which includes Steam and Origin.

How to Buy Steam Games with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Crypto?

It will not be given direct crypto gambling bills. However, Steam does give BitPay’s crypto debit card. Download the BitPay app and join up for the BitPay Card to begin shopping for Steam video games with Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to Buy Origin Games with Bitcoin & Crypto?

Similar to Steam, Origin doesn’t give direct crypto bills. That said you may nonetheless use crypto to pay for your Origin favorites. Get the app and join up for the BitPay Card. Once approved, immediately use the cardboard as you will every other debit card to shop for Origin video games with crypto.


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